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Soo…. hot….

It’s hot in Scotts Valley today– in the 90’s, at least. I have mosquito bites on my ankles that are not being helped by the weather.

And the park we’re in has 30 Amp service, which means every time I turn on the air conditioner, the main circuit breaker blows and I lose power. The park staff think I should be able to run the A/C, but it looks like that’s just not going to happen. This might be a problem, given that our intention is to only live in places where it’s warm, while it’s warm.

This would be less of an issue if, say, the circuit breaker were user-serviceable. However, another part of the “older park” syndrome is that the main circuit breaker is behind a lock.

Thus, I get to swelter inside my motorhome until the park staff get around to fixing the electricity. I’ve notified them, but I suspect they forgot about me, given that it’s been about twenty minutes and no activity.

sweat sweat sweat

The heat makes me sleepy, but if I sleep, I’ll just be laying in a warm bed, sweating profusely.

Maybe I’ll go swim for a bit.

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2 thoughts on “Soo…. hot….”

  1. I am a friend of a friend. He told me your story of starting out rving full time. We are rvers, no yet fulltimers however. A helpful hint for low voltage problems….. turn you refrigerator and water heater to propane mode and your voltage should improve. Never, never run your a/c and microwave at same time.

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