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Twitter Updates for 2007-04-14

  • Heading out to four pet-sits tonight, then collapse until dawn. #
  • Just finished reading a nifty flash fiction piece: and now heading to bed. More packing tomorrow. #
  • Of my 15 twitter friends, 3 of them are bots. It’s nice to know that nothing is safe from the spam. #
  • @hpbatman7 Art is super-hott. Unless is comic-book art. In which case, it’s a very nerdy hott. #
  • Being overwhelmed. And dying my hair. #
  • @wibbble Me too. And so is everyone else in the twitterverse. Worry not. I’m sure karma will infect the GNAA folks with scabies and crabs. #
  • d:hpbatman7 We already got it! #
  • For the next hour, I am dying my hair. Red. Auburn. Though, honestly, it’ll probably come out brown. #

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Redefining Myself

In the process of emptying out my closets and my home to move into the RV, I find myself having to ask some very basic questions about who I am when I am without the trappings of my current life.

Who am I when I no longer have a home to take care of? Am I an artist just waiting for the time and space to express my inner creative vision? Maybe, but it seems to me that, if I were truly and artist, I would have made time long before now for that expression.

Other questions abound, about my sentimentality, my whimsy, my decoration sense. It seems perfectly reasonable to me to perch a posable art sculpture of a dragon in such a way that it should seem to be peering at me when I’m in bed. I suspect, however, that my loving spouse will not feel the same way. What to do with the copper leather mask I bought last year as part of a costume I’ve been “working on” for five years? Put it in the storage box along with everything else for that costume project? On the road, am I a costumer?

We cannot safely hang very much artwork on the walls of our RV– there isn’t much space, and conventional fixtures won’t keep the art from falling off the walls. Do we attempt to bolt our hangings on? Put them into storage? Say goodbye forever? Are we the kind of people who need to have artwork around us?

These questions weigh on my mind today as I go through one tiny corner of my world.

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