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Twitter Updates for 2007-04-30

  • @joshleo Starbucks usually has FT coffee. Hawaiian (Kona) coffee is FT but not labeled. Also try any natural food store. #
  • In one week, I’m donating about 300 books to the library. This scares me. #
  • One of the great joys of writing Videoblogging for Dummies was in getting to set down the definition of “videoblogging.” #
  • @joshleo Where’d you end up finding the coffee? #

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May Blog Carnival of Full-time RVing

Welcome to the May 1, 2007 edition of carnival of full-time rv travel. We have a very short carnival today– hope to have more in June!
Julia Rosien presents RV Camping Reservations – Understanding How They Work posted at The Nomadik Fanatiks.

That concludes this edition. Submit your blog article to the next edition of carnival of full-time rv travel using our carnival submission form. Past posts and future hosts can be found on our blog carnival index page.
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Removing twitter clutter from my blog

John says the Twitter updates are annoying to have in my mega-blog. I consider his opinion to be very valuable,

I include them here solely for completeness. I want this space to be the mega-blog, the blog of me.

However, I can completely understand the desire to not see a whole bunch of clutter. I tend to be a cluttery person, after all, but that doesn’t mean everyone wants to see it.

As of today, I have hidden my Twitter posts from the main page of my blog. (oooh)

You can still see my Twitter posts by viewing the Twitter category directly.

The daily tweet digest will still appear in the complete RSS feed for my blog. Of course, you can subscribe to individual categories if you want specific subjects only.

Of course, this does not affect LiveJournal users at all, as I stopped cross-posting Twitter posts to LiveJournal mere days after starting to use Twitter.

April 2007: Book Reviews

This is an archive of my shorter book reviews and notes, which historically have been posted over at the 50 Book Challenge on LiveJournal, but which I’m starting to move over here. I’m posting them with altered date-stamps, but they might show up in my LiveJournal cross-post anyway. Bear with me, please.

Note: Many of these books also have full reviews available in the book review podcast (RSS).
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Twitter Updates for 2007-04-29

  • The biotch who wanted to buy a dozen DVDs at my yard sale for $20 stole the rest of the DVDs right out of their cases. I hate people. #
  • Considering getting a drink of water to drown my hangover. #

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