Personal(ish) update…

Posted in Meta, Personal at 3:30 pm by Stephanie Bryant

First, I’d like to quickly address the Kathy Sierra fiasco by expressing my support for living in a sane world where women do not feel like it’s perfectly normal to be threatened on a regular basis. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, then you’re not reading many blogs, and you’ll probably be a happier person in the long run.

Second, and on the more personal stuff:
Last week I went to Michigan again for another excellent work-related trip. Lots of work was done by many, and as usual, I had a terrific time. Michiganders know how to drink, that’s for sure.

Last night during my Spanish test (the second one I’ve taken this week!) I started getting dizzy. Now, I’d had three cups of coffee at that point, and more sugar than I can normally contain, but still. Dizzy. The dizziness persisted. I drove home very carefully, with John behind me in case of, I don’t know, drunken behavior on the road, I suppose. Last night I awoke in a sweat, so I may have had a mild fever and just didn’t know it. In any case, I am feeling much better now, which is good.

PS: Can someone please stop all the random drahma on the Internet? Seriously. What a bummer!