Burning a Bridge

Posted in LiveJournal, Musings, Personal at 10:14 am by Stephanie Bryant

[This was originally posted over at my LiveJournal, in a friends-only post. The comments there were very lively and helpful, but because the authors of the comments might not have said their remarks in public, I've chosen not to unlock that post, even though I'd like to share this post with the world now, so I am re-posting it here, for public display and consumption.]

Well, I just burnt a work-related bridge. One of my former colleagues has a tendency to forward every stupid thing she reads on the Internets. Much to my dismay, I have now learned that she’s a very, um, enthusiastic believer in Christ. Normally, I have no problem with Christians, as long as they don’t get in my face about it and aren’t intolerant asses to the rest of the world.



Yeah, I’ll let it speak for itself. I even re-created, as best I could, the insane formatting of this non-plain-text email when it arrived in my inbox. Complete with graphic attachment. My reply is below the original.
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