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Carnivals du Jour

This week’s edition of the Home Business Carnival, Customer Service Do’s and Don’ts, features my post about my experiences with customer service. One of my favorite posts in that carnival this week comes from Debra Moorhead’s 9 Business Faux Pas. What’s great is that she increases her list by adding 5 major email faux-pas as well! My friend Chris, who runs a retail store in San Jose, will be particularly interested in this post, as it pretty much hits on a lot of the things he (and his store) does correctly.

Then the Carnival of Entrepreneurs has my post about the three articles I posted to What’s interesting is that they don’t seem to have understood why I sent in the link (my fault for not being more clear). I didn’t want entrepreneurs to go read the articles. Rather, I wanted entrepreneurs to think about how big their ideas really are, and whether they can break them up a bit and sell off just a piece at a time.

One of my favorite posts from that carnival is from TrustedAdvisor: Empowering Incompetents, which talks about the whole “believe you can, then you can!” mentality. I mentioned this in my Helium article that was featured last week, about the fact that most people believe they are better at a task than they really are. Yes, it’s really obvious in American Idol. But it’s also really obvious everywhere else, from writing to cooking to managing people. Who do you know who overestimate their abilities in a particular way? Speak up– tell me about the “empowered incompetents” in your life!

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  1. Yay! Go us! It does sometimes shock me when stores don’t seem to give basic personal hygiene and friendliness the focus they deserve.

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