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[I swear, I’ll start compiling these into a daily speedlink roundup…. someday.]

Via boingboing, we have an excellent excerpt from Scott Kirsner’s new book about online video: Sites that Pay for Web Video: From CinemaTech

And my article “What to Consider When You are Thinking About a Career Move” is currently being featured on the homepage! Check it out! If you’re wondering about my other articles over at Helium, click the “More” link below– I’ll post a list of them for ya.

Finally, for all the fellow travelers and travel-addicts out there, Matador Travel has finally made its public launch! I joined the site about a month ago in the beta phase, and am very impressed and intrigued by its focus on ecotourism, volunteer vacations, and sustainable travel practices (even though they don’t say it in so many words). It’s a free site and gives you a geo-tagged blog space for your travelblogs, photo space, local-oriented classifieds, and a really beautiful site design. My username over there, as everywhere, is mortaine (and yes, in keeping with the “Megablog” philosophy, the blog posts over there will be ported over here shortly).

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In Video Games: [not specific to any one friend, by the way, just… another perspective.]

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D&D Stranger Things Starter Set: Review and DM Prep Notes (Spoilers)

(Full article contains spoilers!) I bought the D&D Stranger Things Starter Set, and I was all kinds of excited to run it. I read through it a few times, thought “hmmm…” about some of the choices, but overall it reads like a fairly straightforward adventure.

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