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Home Again

Well, I got home on Friday. The trip home was entertaining. We were delayed about an hour coming out of Marquette, but I didn’t notice– I had my wristwatch on Central time instead of local (Eastern). I didn’t figure it out until we were landing.

My flight home was supposed to be Marquette-Detroit-Minneapolis-San Jose. The Detroit connection was tight, only an hour, but I was supposed to have 2 hours in Minni. Rough ride, huh? Of course I missed my flight out of Detroit– we landed a few minutes after that plane took off. I was automatically booked on the next flight from Detroit to Minni, and catching the same flight I was originally scheduled for out of the Twin Cities.

It’s odd, but no sooner am I home than I’m ready to start planning my next trip. I unpacked right away, but the feeling didn’t go away. I’ve always been the kind of person who comes home from a trip and collapses for a few days, but this time…. I’ve been reliving the trip, enjoying the memories, and thinking “when can I get on the road/in a plane next?”

The answer? Unless business calls me back to Michigan soon, Minneapolis in May. In the meantime, I get to play in my own background for a while.

[Originally posted on my blog at Matador Travel.]

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