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10 Things That Will Happen to Videoblogging in 2007

Later this weekend, I’ll do a post looking back on 2006, possibly with video highlights, though that will largely depend on if I can manage to shoot, edit, and post a video with my current crazy schedule.

But making predictions for next year, that I can do:

  1. Google will fix the problems with YouTube’s video quality and will implement RSS feeds for all YouTube member profiles. Which is great, but they won’t fix the rampant copyright infringement problems.
  2. Google will buy Feedburner.
  3. Videoblogs will appear in a thriller novel by someone famous. Like James Patterson.
  4. I will disappear from the vlogosphere for three months at a time, resurfacing every so often to apologize for not making enough videos. (This one’s easy to predict, since it’s exactly what I do right now!)
  5. A major pop star will get into trouble with their music label for using his or her own music in a videoblog.
  6. Trade magazines for electronics, semiconductors, and manufacturing will start videoblogs, but will quickly realize how unsexy these topics are in video. Some will succeed anyway, largely by getting beautiful, intelligent women to talk on camera.
  7. Cars will be sold with built-in WiFi (“Car PC Hacks” (Damien Stolarz*)
  8. Foil-lined pockets will become all the rage. It doesn’t have anything to do with videoblogging, but I’ll bet it’ll happen.
  9. Someone will be murdered because of their videoblog. It’s not a threat, it’s a prediction. Humans are capable of the very worst things.
  10. Hundreds of people will find love and peace because of their videoblogs. Humans are also capable of the very best.

Those are my 10 predictions about the kinds of things you’ll hear about videoblogging next year. Oh, and a freebie bonus prediction: The media will still not understand the nuance between “videoblog” and “online video.”**

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I don’t discuss my job in my blog

As anyone who reads my blog long enough knows, I do not discuss employers or clients in my blog. This is professional courtesy, as working relationships can sometimes become stressful or contentious, even in the course of a good, productive working relationship. What’s more, most of the time my work is anonymous. People do not typically care who wrote the software manual, and even if my name were on it, it wouldn’t reflect all the people who really put effort into it.

However, that doesn’t mean I don’t discuss work. I talk about the work of being a professional writer all the time, the ups and downs, and I do publicly talk about my role as a book author (because really, it’s pretty hard to hide that).

So, the announcement today is that I have a new job!
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Occupational hazard: I was bit by an animal today. It’s my “moonlighting” job– I’m a pet-sitter/dog-walker (no, it was not a dog who bit me). I’d say it was my fault, but it really wasn’t. It was kind of a miscommunication between two really stupid animals, one of them being me.
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Wired News ran this article today: The Right to Bear SLRs:
Ever been hassled by security when taking pictures? You may be well within your rights. Photographer Thomas Hawk’s trying to raise awareness about public photography, one snapshot at a time. By Evan Ratliff from Wired Test.

And, by coincidence, I’m going to a luncheon on Wednesday titled “Industry Journalism in the Internet Age: Can It Survive?” by the Northern California Business Marketing Association, which should be an interesting look at journalism today, and hopefully will talk a little bit about the closed-mouthedness of American society.

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