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Mushroom Day! (size warning)

Click here for the movie! (MPEG-4 format) (22 MB!)

Today’s video comes with a size and technology warning. The size warning is that it’s big: 22 MB. After editing as much as I could, I got it down to just under 8 minutes, but that’s a long vlog for me.

And there’s a tech note on this one. I used the H.264 codec to create this file. What that means for you is that, if you use a reasonably recent Mac, you’ll be able to watch the movie. If you watch on a Windows machine, however, you will need to make sure you have upgraded to QuickTime 7 before you can watch this movie. Unfortunately, that’s also going to put iTunes on your machine– they’re bundled together now.

However, I did test this on a Windows XP box with QuickTime 7, and it worked flawlessly. If you had any trouble playing the file, please let me know by leaving a comment and tell me what went wrong (video wouldn’t play, but audio did, or no audio, or nothing, or it crashed) as well as what operating system you have (Windows XP, Windows 2000, Windows NT?, Mac OS 9?) and which version of QuickTime you have installed. I honestly won’t try to troubleshoot if you have Windows and anything less than QT 7, because I know they don’t work together.

If the filesize was just too big for you to download, it’d be nice to know that, too, so I can keep it in mind when I post longer videos. Thanks in advance for any feedback you want to offer!

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How was YOUR day?

Click here for the movie! (MPEG-4 format)

Next Tuesday is my last day at my current place of employment. I’ve worked there for 3 years and 8 months, give or take a little. My commute is 45 minutes to an hour and a half in each direction, depending on traffic, weather, and the asshattery of others. To date, I have been in no car accidents during my commute hours, and have run out of gas only once before, though not related to my commute (my mechanic went joyriding in my hybrid car).

Some days, like today and yesterday, I have a long commute cause of my own stupidity.

See, yesterday I left my purse at work. Stupid #1. I realized it when I’d gone about 40 minutes away from work, and had pulled off the freeway to buy gas. I didn’t have enough to get over the hill, and had no money to buy any gas with. I returned to work, got my purse, and stopped at the nearest station, a place which charges, on average, about 30 cents per gallon more than anywhere else in the Bay Area, and which I suspect of being shady in other ways as well. Because I morally object to paying more than $2.60/gallon when I can get it elsewhere for $2.30, I only bought 2.5 gallons of gas.

I drive a hybrid car, so I can go 40 miles on 1 gallon of gas. Unfortunately, I live 40 miles from work. I drove home last night. I drove to work this morning. I put the iPod on and was listening to Penthouse: Bedtime Stories so intently, I forgot to buy gas. Stupid #2.

Wanna know where I’m parked in this videoblog entry? I’m at the exit to Summit Road, which is exactly the halfway point between Santa Cruz and San Jose. In other words, 2.5 gallons of gas took me exactly two and a half trips between work and home.

I really hate it when math works the way it’s supposed to.

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